Talking about U.S. panel says cold medicines work – Cold and flu-

  Once again goverment interests trump science.  Sadly the article states the facts but hid the order in which they occured, here’s the important bits in the article:

"The panel voted 11-1 that available data "is supportive" of the effectiveness of phenylephrine at 10 milligrams, the dose found in many nonprescription cold medicines."

"The panel ruled after hearing from researchers who said there was no evidence that 10 milligrams of phenylephrine provided any benefit."


So trained scientists said this stuff is worthless, politicians said we know better and told the scientists they were clearly wrong.  This reminds me of the ST:voyager episode where a scientist has proof that dinosaurs came from earth, yet is forced to quit his job because political doctrine says otherwise.

U.S. panel says cold medicines work – Cold and flu-


SCOM 2007- Are you serious?

Recently I’ve been tasked to see if I can get System Center Operations Manager 2007 integrated with an SNMP based management system.  Now in MOM 2005 this was pretty trivial, set up a group, add computers to that group, set up a monitor and set up an alert for that monitor to send the trap.  SCOM embraces ITIL which is both really good and unbelievably bad.  ITIL is a great concept, but using that as a model to monitor servers (which is what I think most folks are using MOM05 for).  I set up a test instance of MOM05 in a day (I monitor the spooler service and send out a mail when it’s down).  I’m still working on setting up a test instance of 07 for the same thing, and this is after doing the intro and advanced labs.  I’m recently ITILv3 certified so I get the concepts, how folks that are not familiar with MOF or ITIL get into MOM07 is beyond me.  I’m not sure I can recommend SCOM for anyone yet, but maybe I’ll get an epiphany as I work it out.