junk science

The National Snow and Ice Data Center predicted that the north pole would be ice free this year.  that didn;t happen so they had to go back to the well and find out why. Arctic sea ice forecasts point to lower-than-average season ahead As it turns out they were throwing away perfectly good data that would have told them that thei prediction was silly.  Why?  well the data didn’t match what they expected it to. "Some people might ask why we don’t simply switch to the EOS AMSR-E sensor. AMSR-E is a newer and more accurate passive microwave sensor. However, we do not use AMSR-E data in our analysis because it is not consistent with our historical data." Satellite sensor errors cause data outage This is junk science.  When your theory predicts X but you get Y, real scientists don’t look for the flaw in Y to get them to X, they look at the flaw in the theory.  If your historical data is flawed- guess what- the data is junk!  It wouldn’t be so bad if governments (like ours) weren’t screwing around with the economic systems around the world to "save the planet"