datacenter whitepapers

Here’s a great link to some whitepapers by APC about datacenter design:


if anything shows that open source is not inherently more stable and secure:
from the article:

Marshall Kirk McKusick, the original developer of the *dir() library, commented on the issue in a personal conversation with Balmer:

As the original author of the *dir() library, you probably fixed one of my bugs :-). Prior to the *dir() commands, programs just opened, read, and interpreted directories directly. I had to update a shocking 22 programs (a large percentage of the programs available on UNIX at the time) to replace their direct interpretation of directories with the *dir() library calls.

SCOM 2007- Are you serious?

Recently I’ve been tasked to see if I can get System Center Operations Manager 2007 integrated with an SNMP based management system.  Now in MOM 2005 this was pretty trivial, set up a group, add computers to that group, set up a monitor and set up an alert for that monitor to send the trap.  SCOM embraces ITIL which is both really good and unbelievably bad.  ITIL is a great concept, but using that as a model to monitor servers (which is what I think most folks are using MOM05 for).  I set up a test instance of MOM05 in a day (I monitor the spooler service and send out a mail when it’s down).  I’m still working on setting up a test instance of 07 for the same thing, and this is after doing the intro and advanced labs.  I’m recently ITILv3 certified so I get the concepts, how folks that are not familiar with MOF or ITIL get into MOM07 is beyond me.  I’m not sure I can recommend SCOM for anyone yet, but maybe I’ll get an epiphany as I work it out.