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high paying jobs

No wonder Obama thinks 200K a year is what "rich" people make.  Here’s what they think are high paying jobs.  I would also note that the premise ( a 4 year degree is required for a good job) didn’t really apply until the high school educational systems went thru the floor in the 70’s.

While the importance of earning a college degree to secure a good job has been ingrained in our brains for as long we can remember, a four-year degree is not the only path to a successful career.

Though schooling is a great way to develop skills and will no doubt enhance your credibility, a college education is no longer a requirement to securing a well-paying salary. Despite the fact that college graduates earn an average of $1 million more than high school graduates during their careers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is possible to land a lucrative position otherwise.

Additionally, workers with a high school education or less have an abundance of positions open to them. In 2006, 66 million jobs — about 44 percent of the total — were available to workers with less than a high school education, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2016, there are expected to be 71 million jobs available to these workers.

Just because these jobs don’t require a college degree, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t require hard work or extensive training. Here are 20 of the highest-paying jobs that don’t require a degree, according to CBSalary.com.

1.      Margin department supervisor

Salary: $83,579/year

Primary duties: Overseeing a company’s credit department, which manages customer credit accounts and approves or denies credit to customers.

2.      Air traffic controller

Salary: $74,922/year

Primary duties: Controlling air traffic around airports according to established procedures and policies to ensure flight safety.

3.      Automobile service station manager

Salary: $72,246/year

Primary duties: Supervising gas stations and planning and implementing policy and procedure like hours of operation, workers’ duties and prices for products and services.

4.      Real-estate broker

Salary: $71,994/year

Primary duties: Securing real-estate transactions, selling real estate, renting properties and arranging loans.

5.      Web surfer

Salary: $70,604/year

Primary duties: Scouring through multiple Web sites to analyze and compare information and user experiences to collect information to help companies understand online users’ behaviors.

6.      Lead carpenter

Salary: $63,345/year

Primary duties: Leading the on-site completion of construction projects and performing all types of carpentry work and finishing.

7.      Cable supervisor

Salary: $60,887/year

Primary duties: Supervising the activities of workers engaged in installation, maintenance and cable repair.

8.      Chemical supervisor

Salary: $57,472/year

Primary duties: Overseeing workers who make chemical products, verifying that chemical processes are followed.

9.      Home-care aide supervisor

Salary: $56,157/year

Primary duties: Directing aides who care for elderly or disabled people in a home environment, and monitoring the quality and quantity of services provided.

10.  Medical facility housekeeping manager

Salary: $55,368/year

Primary duties: Managing the workers and housekeeping program in medical facilities to uphold sanitary and orderly conditions.

11.  Flight service manager

Salary: $54,350/year

Primary duties: Ensuring that flight attendants conform to personal appearance and preflight requirements; compiling flight reports.

12.  Locomotive engineer

Salary: $54,084/year

Primary duties: Driving electric, diesel-electric or gas-turbine-electric trains to transport passengers or freight.

13.  Interior aircraft assembly supervisor

Salary: $53,606/year

Primary duties: Supervising the assembly of everything for the inside of an aircraft from mechanics to furniture.

14.  Painting supervisor

Salary: $51,977/year

Primary duties: Overseeing all painting activities such as mixing paint, preparing surfaces before painting and applying decorative or protective finishes to various structures.

15.  Gas plant operator

Salary: $51,676/year

Primary duties: Maintaining certain pressures in pipelines to produce and/or transport natural gas.

16.  Payroll supervisor

Salary: $51,410/year

Primary duties: Managing employees working on company payroll, ensuring that pay calculation is in accordance with company policy, government regulations and tax codes.

17.  Assembly supervisor

Salary: $50,462/year

Primary duties: Overseeing workers who use power tools and other equipment to assemble products.

18.  Credit and collection supervisor

Salary: $50,330/year

Primary duties: Supervising employees engaged in the review of credit risks and collections; may also review client credit history to grant or deny extensions of credit.

19.  Data control supervisor

Salary: $50,310/year

Primary duties: Managing data entry workers and assuming responsibility for those workers’ tasks to be complete and accurate; may sometimes assist with assignments.

20.  Reimbursement recovery specialist

Salary: $49,246/year

Primary duties: Negotiating cases where third-party liability reimbursement exists by investigating and identifying responsible third parties, then paying out those parties.

When your friends think you are BSing them- you know you are in trouble

Even MSNBC thinks Obama was full of it:

Executive oay caps

Pay caps don’t work inthe rest of the world- why would we think they are a good idea here?  THe 2 second summary is that the Irish government hates the current bank director but had to ask him NOT to resign because nobody else wants the gg since the decicded to cap the salary.
Irish Nationwide director refuses top job due to €360,000 pay cap
"ONE OF Irish Nationwide’s own board members, Danny Kitchen, had agreed to replace Michael Fingleton as chief executive of the building society but he later declined the job after the Government capped the salary for the position at €360,000 a year"

Mr Kitchen declined to comment. Asked whether he would accept the job if the salary was increased to the Government’s higher cap of €500,000 for senior bankers, he said: “It is what it is.”

A spokesman for Irish Nationwide said he had no comment.

A former director of IBI Corporate Finance and finance director of Green Property, Mr Kitchen recently joined the board of Cavan building materials firm Kingspan.

It was reported yesterday that a replacement chief executive, who had agreed to succeed Mr Fingleton, has told the society that he has decided not to take the job due to the Government’s salary cap."

"The Green Party increased the pressure on Mr Fingleton to resign yesterday over the payment of a €1 million bonus last November, just weeks after the Government moved to protect the Irish banks with the €440 billion guarantee.

The party also criticised Mr Fingleton’s pension arrangements through which he is the sole beneficiary of a €27.6 million pension scheme transferred out of the society to another retirement benefit scheme in January 2007.

Senator Dan Boyle, Green Party finance spokesman, said Mr Fingleton had come to personify all that was wrong with Irish banking.

“His conduct shows little care for savers and homeowners who have placed considerable faith – and in some cases placed their life’s chances and the fortunes of their families – in the care of that institution,” said Mr Boyle."

Looks like americans have no idea how government works

I found this:
It’s a civics quiz.  I took it and got 78% (a few I should have got but didn’t actually pay attention to the question) but I certainly didn’t get 100% and I should have. 
More interesting than the test were the findings of the survey:
Here are some gems:
  • Less than one in five know that the phrase “a wall of separation” between church and state comes from a letter by Thomas Jefferson. Almost half incorrectly believe it can be found in the Constitution.
  • Although Congress has voted twice in the last eight years to approve foreign wars, only 53% know that the power to declare war belongs to Congress. Almost 40% incorrectly believe it belongs to the president.
  • for those that still are under the delusion that global warming is man made

    Prominent Scientist Fired By Gore Says Warming Alarm ‘Mistaken’  
    11 More Scientists Join Senate Report of More Than 650 Dissenters  

    WASHINGTON, DC – Award winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. Will Happer, who was reportedly fired by former Vice President Al Gore in 1993 for failing to adhere to Gore’s scientific views, has now declared man-made global warming fears “mistaken.”

    “I am convinced that the current alarm over carbon dioxide is mistaken,” Happer, who has published over 200 scientific papers, told EPW on December 22, 2008


    junk science

    The National Snow and Ice Data Center predicted that the north pole would be ice free this year.  that didn;t happen so they had to go back to the well and find out why. Arctic sea ice forecasts point to lower-than-average season ahead As it turns out they were throwing away perfectly good data that would have told them that thei prediction was silly.  Why?  well the data didn’t match what they expected it to. "Some people might ask why we don’t simply switch to the EOS AMSR-E sensor. AMSR-E is a newer and more accurate passive microwave sensor. However, we do not use AMSR-E data in our analysis because it is not consistent with our historical data." Satellite sensor errors cause data outage This is junk science.  When your theory predicts X but you get Y, real scientists don’t look for the flaw in Y to get them to X, they look at the flaw in the theory.  If your historical data is flawed- guess what- the data is junk!  It wouldn’t be so bad if governments (like ours) weren’t screwing around with the economic systems around the world to "save the planet"