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Talking about Sarkozy labels riots as ‘unacceptable’ – Europe- msnbc.com

  Funnu how the story only labels these as young people when in fact they are all muslims.  But islam is a religion of peace…


Sarkozy labels riots as ‘unacceptable’ – Europe- msnbc.com

teacher certifications worthless

study shows that getting certified makes you as qualified to teach as someone who never bothered

NBPTS – fix or eliminate?

3-year-old found passed out drunk



3-year-old found passed out drunk

Sept. 27: A 3-year-old is found passed out drunk in a Minneapolis home. The grandmother and a teenage brother are in custody. KARE-TV’s Patricia Volpe reports.

Talking about Online Education: a Ph.D. for $600? – MSN Encarta



Online Education: a Ph.D. for $600? – MSN Encarta

I can’t think of a job or profession that wouldn’t give you more education than any college would. What college gives you is the background to enter the workforce, with the exception being those doing pure research.  Look at computer technology.  I’d love to see a guy with a PHD in programing work on some basic windows sysadmin scripts.  I bet a guy that’s done it for 5 years gets it done faster and better.

Talking about Teachers fret over new tests – Foster’s Daily Democrat – MSNBC.com

 What a bunch of whiners- I have to take tests to get certified.  Of course there is crap on that test that I will probably never need to know again.  For instance, as a systems engineer, I will, without a doubt, never need to use the bootcfg command in XP.   I need to know it for the test but, if I ever needed to edit or view the boot config, I’d just view the boot.ini file.  That’s just one off the top of my head.  If you can’t educate yourself good enough to pass a few questions on a topic that you can study for, I sure as hell don’t want or need you educating my kid.


Teachers fret over new tests – Foster’s Daily Democrat – MSNBC.com